Joe Igbowe writes about discipline of the child.


By Joe Igbokwe
November 22, 2019.

I once disobeyed my Teacher MRS UZOKWE in Primary 5 in Uruagu Central School Nnewi in 1970 and she asked me to write I WILL NEVER DISOBEY MY TEACHER AGAIN 1000 times. After doing this my life was never the same again.

A Dad went to pick his son at Navy School Abeokuta few years back for the holidays. On getting to the School he learnt that the his son did not do well in the exams and he turned his car and drove home without the son. The boy stayed additional one week before he was taken home. It became a turning point in the life of that boy. The story is still being told at Navy School Abeokuta today.

If you allow a child to do whatever he or she likes then know you are raising a monster and you will be their first victim. Education is nothing without character. In fact Education without character useless, debilitating and potentially dangerous.

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