JUST IN: Anonymous Shut Down First Bank Website

A faceless group known as Anonymous, prominent for taking on government institutions has hacked into the systems of First Bank of Nigeria.

The group, in a series of tweets, accused First Bank of deducting money from accounts because of their participation in the #EndSARS protest.

Now #ENDSARSOPPRESSION Official website of First Banks Nigeria has been taken #Offline. You remove money from users because they support #EndSARS.

We #Anonymous have taken-down your website in support of #EndSARS

You will pay for your actions. you should have expected us!

Enjoy your server taken down. No money is gone.

Although, it did reassure of restoring the website after “some time”.

Reacting to the accusation, First Bank said,

We wish to state very clearly that First Bank has not banned any staff from joining the protests and will never do so.

We have continued to lend our voice to end all forms of brutality including Police, Rape and domestic violence.

Our position remains that deep-rooted Reforms are a fundamental solution we must embrace.

The group of unidentified individuals had earlier hacked the websites of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The group in its claim to the development threatened to hack more government websites.

on Friday, they hacked the Twitter handle of the National Broadcasting Commission and the account is still under their control having grown from 10,000 followers to 22,500.

The group noted that they support the weak against the powerful and stand for justice.

They listed their values as human rights, autonomy and self-governance, resistance against tyranny, a more humane society.

Anonymous further stated that their actions are in support against the brutality of the police.

Anonymous had earlier in the week hacked the website of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and leaked some sensitive data to the general public.


Source: All News Nigeria

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