JUST IN: Plenary session in progress as Lagos lawmakers move to impeach Gov Akinwunmi Ambode, they Allege gross misconduct.

What People are saying…

Shade: Ambode is being punished by his party to the extreme. His impeachment will ensure he does not get a pension. This is the extent to which Bourdillon is willing to go to punish him.

Not for any crime but for going against bourdillon.

Okechukwu: That’s what happens when a man doesn’t stand for something. They humiliated him yet he was still grovelling to Tinubu. He even told us that Sanwo-Olu was a fraudster & drug user. Yet he turned round to support the man.

Anything Ambode sees, he has to take it like that…..

Don Meca: Gov. Amboe’s story is pitiable. But i don’t pity him. At all. There was a time Ambode was “the best governor in Nigeria” and the pearl of Lagos. Tinubu loved Ambode. APC loved Ambode. Everybody loved Ambode and Ambode loved himself. We were all happy.

Everything was rosy. But Ambode didn’t build himself a political structure. He became complacent and depended fully on the structure that made him. The Jagaban political dynasty. With Tinubu behind him, what could ever go wrong with Ambode in Lagos? Nothing. Was he sure?

Obi: Of what need is he? He was hand picked and about to be disgracefully removed even when is just few months to the end of his tenure. You would have asked Ngige how he dealt with godfatherism in Anambra state.

Adedeji: This is an overkill and it’s so sad that while we battle dictatorship at the center foisted on us by Fulani foreigners, we are also at home confronted by more evil dictatorship worst than that of the Abacha regime, different is, Its a Stockholm Syndrome Syndicated. So sad.

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1,332 thoughts on “JUST IN: Plenary session in progress as Lagos lawmakers move to impeach Gov Akinwunmi Ambode, they Allege gross misconduct.

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