Kaboom! The Anchor Baby: Trump’s proposed executive order Vs the 14th Amendment’s citizenship clause.

Hello People, let’s define the anchor baby…

If one parent is a citizen then the child is not an anchor baby.
If one is born in the US and neither of his/her parents is legal citizens then they can be used as an anchor baby. Marriage is irrelevant because DNA tests can easily prove parentage – or rule it out.
When one or both parents is a legal citizen then the child is a legal citizen and the anchor baby thing isn’t a factor.
If the two parents are citizens of two different nations then, depending on the laws of the nation which is not the US, the child may be a legal citizen of either nation to be chosen by that child at age of majority. US law does not recognize dual citizenship. The children of US military personnel born abroad have that choice to make if they were NOT born on a US military base overseas, If they were born in a foreign hospital then they still have to make a choice later.
* My friend Linda says:
In 2006, there was no such thing as a baby who could immediately legalize mommy and daddy.  In most cases, that child needed to reach the age of 21 before he or she could sponsor a parent for lawful permanent residence or “the green card,” so it appeared to me as if that “anchor” was about as heavy as a feather.
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