Kogi State pot hole ridden roads and Daniel’s display of unmerited opulence.

Now, I am forced to ask the following.

1). What year did Daniel finish School?
2). What year did he serve & where?
3). For how long (Number of years), did Daniel work(ed) (name corporation) or indulged in business (type of business).

I am beginning to understand that, there are “Special Aliens” on this side of the devide. One only needs to be part of the “Crew”, to feed fat freely.

Quarreling/misunderstanding from time to time is normal and permitted, as long as you carry on you always “Your get out of jail free card”.

Who knows that song..”Bye bye to jati jati”?

But the original particular
Natural particular
If you no get am, you go dey go ni
If you get am, you must enter…

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