Lady accuses Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor, of demanding sex from her with 300k.

A female Twitter user has just accused a popular Abuja pastor of propositioning her for sex and asking her to introduce him to girls.

@ThirdEyeWitch called out Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor of Firehouse Church in Abuja while reacting to the conversations about a popular COZA pastor abusing his female members.

@ThirdEyeWitch said that in 2014, she met Bishop Ezezobor on a flight from the UK and he asked for her number. He later propositioned her for sex and promised to give her 300K if she has sex with him and pees on him.

She said she refused and he begged her to introduce him to any of her friends from law school. She refused again and she blocked his number after that.

Read her tweets below.

She explained that it all started after meeting the supposed man of God on a plane. Goddess added that he requested for her number and she did not see anything wrong with giving out her contact details to a man of God.

She said the bishop used to check up on her and she assumed it was innocent. However, her opinion of him changed after he asked her to visit him. She asked why and he went straight to his point saying he liked her and wants to sleep with her.

According to Goddess, the bishop added that he would even give her N300k if she also urinated on him because it was his fetish. Goddess however declined the offer and he proceeded to asking her if she had any pretty friends who might be interested. She replied in the negative and blocked his number.

This happened in 2014, since then this man has BLOWN. I see his posters and billboards all over Abuja. Now I’m thinking maybe he is diabolical and he gets girls with bright futures to pee away their destiny and glory on him. Lol, I know it’s a stretch but the world is evil.

To conclude, Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor of Firehouse Church is a spawn of Satan and I don’t play with demons.

Other women have started recounting their experience with the ‘man of God’ to me 😷 Nothing can ever stay hidden under the sun!


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