Lady By Name, Kambili Korie Accuses Uti Nwachukwu of Rape

“He is bisexual and treats men with more respect,” lady claims, as she accuses ex-BBA winner, Uti, of raping her.

The allegations of rape and sexual assault by male celebrities keep coming as many ladies are voicing out what they have encountered with them.

A lady named Kambili Korie has taken to Twitter to accuse winner of Big Brother Africa, Uti Nwachukwu of raping her three years ago.

Korie, in a round of tweets, claimed no one believed her when she reported the incident and the reality star allegedly told the man she was dating at that time that she had tried to seduce him.

The lady also noted that the media personality threaded carefully and he never contacted her with his actual number as she shared screenshots of their chats.

Reacting to tweets, a web user said she is lying because the reality TV star is allegedly gay.

However, Korie claimed he is also bisexual and gives men more respect.

See screenshot below;

Read The Full Gist Below;

I said to myself, “NOW IS THE TIME”

I have lived in torment and self blame these past three years. It was five minutes for UTI NWACHUKWU but until justice is served,it’ll be a lifetime for me.I’ll be giving full details in this thread.

As at 2017, Uti and I were casual friend. I was an apprentice in a men’s cloth shop then and that was where we met. I knew from day one that Uti was very hot tempered and should never go close to sharp objects when angered.

What I didn’t know was that he was capable of sexual harassment and rape. The first time he saw me he told me I looked good and he had a soft spot for melanin skin girls. I blushed, and had to tell everyone that I got a complement from a “STAR”

He had a girl back then, Angela. She was pretty and melanin too. He came around with her most times and my co workers and I really loved her cos she was nice. Such that when Uti made his first advance at me, I waved him off.

Uti asked if we can be friends, I agreed. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a star? We hanged out a few times and I felt he was fun to be with. He even promised to connect me to a popular modeling agency.

The first time I went out with Uti, I told him we were just gonna be friends. I didn’t want any problem with his girl because she liked me a lot and we were on the verge of becoming friends. I wasn’t a virgin then.

But I had my reservations. He tried convincing me to visit him, but I told him”I don’t want your girl to break my head”. The common female slang then. He then asked to come to my house. I was sharing an apartment with one of my female friends.

We were actually comfortable but then I felt a little insecure aboutthe apartment. I felt someone like Uti should be welcomed in a glamorous apartment. I tried towave the idea off and told him we should just keep hanging out,but he was insistent so I gave in.

He finally came around and everything went fine. We talked, we laughed and that was it. We got closer after that day. When I realized I was beginning to develop feelings for Uti, I had to give him a little space.

He kept coming close,I kept keeping my distance. One fateful day,he came around without letting me know. My roommate wasn’t home then. I was a bit angry with him for the surprise visit but I didn’t consider it a big deal.

He made advances at me. Told me I was the prettiest girl he knew and that he was obsessed with me. I told him we could talk this out. He fled up. In his words “I always get what I want”. And that was when he forced himself on me.

When I told my roommate about it, she didn’t believe it. I told one of my coworkers, he never believed. That was when I decided I won’t mention it again. Uti went ahead to tell the guy I was dating, that I have been trying to seduce him.

I’ve been broken since then. He made me see all men as beasts. Worse more, I couldn’t speak out because nobody will believe me anyway. I see him smile on tv shows like he is an angel. He is none other but

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