Lady narrates how she was Robbed By 9am In The Morning On Apongbon Bridge In Lagos.

The Robber Vehicle

After the lady in front of me the robber moved to me. He shattered my glass angrily. He pointed the gun and started screaming for my phones which I quickly handed over to him. After collecting my phones, he started shouting ” Owo mi da, owo mi da..” meaning “Where is my money?!” I quickly gave him all I had on me without hesitation. “What about that white phone over there?” He continued. I looked and saw that he was referring to my charger. I quickly picked it up an told him it wasn’t a phone. He still asked for it and I gave it to him.

The Robber Vehicle

She became very emotional as she continued: “After I gave him all my valuables, he still pointed to gun and kept staring at me. At this point I began to fear for my life and started pleading, appealing to him that I cooperated and gave him all I had. After seconds or maybe minutes-I’m not sure because it seemed like forever- he moved to the next car.”

“While the robbery was going on, there were yellow buses(danfo) around with passengers but everyone was helpless because the robbers were armed. After I was robbed they moved to another car but shortly after they scaped. The bus drivers and others quickly came to me and other victims to ask how we were doing. They attempted to go after after them but in truth nothing could have being done because they were armed and were long gone.

She said that about 5 minutes after the robbery the road became free and she, along with some of the other victims drove to the point after the bridge at Apongbon where there were LASMA officials and Police Officers. “When we parked, before even narrating our ordeal, the traders around started to scream in Yoruba ” Won tu ti de o, won Omo yi tu ti bere..” (meaning they have started again). This was because from the damaged cars an shattered glass they could tell it was a robbery. According to them a similar incident happened this week.

Asked what the Police had to say about not coming to their aid despite been just about 10 minutes away, she said: “They claimed to have been unaware of the robbery and only became aware after we informed them. The Police officers together with the LASMA officers then tried to go after them but I knew it was an effort in futility.

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