Lagos State Governor, Sanwo Olu Honours Ogodu Police Station DPO For Exemplary Conduct.

Today, we recognize and honour SP Celestina Kalu, DPO, Ogudu Police Station who exhibited exemplary conduct by coming to the rescue of a young man Friday Ojabor, who was a victim of armed robbery.

Friday Ojabor was shot in the abdomen and the police from Ogudu Police Station on getting the distress call promptly rushed to the scene. They took him to several hospitals that couldn’t handle the severity of his injuries before taking him to LASUTH.

At LASUTH, SP Celestina Kalu stood as his surety, covered all the expenses and offered to donate blood during the surgical procedure.

Her magnanimous attitude saved the life of an innocent young man.

We must not lose sight the important message the worthy conduct of SP Kalu is teaching us; and that is for us to be our brother’s keeper. We must not turn our eyes from those in distress who need the next moment to stay alive.

We are inspired by this amazing and courageous woman. Her character, exemplary attitude and compassion will go a long way in restoring our faith in the Nigerian Police and humanity in general.

Thank you for all that you do SP Celestina Kalu.

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