Man Who Visited Daughter In School Almost Killed After Being Labelled A Kidnapper.

The timely intervention of police operatives saved a man who had visited his 12 year old daughter at school from being lynched after mob mistook him for a kidnapper.

The man, Enoch Mensah Nortey, was at the St Lawrence Catholic Basic School in the Central region of Ghana, to visit the small girl but some residents raised false alarm that he had gone there to kidnap some of the school children.

He had sought permission from the head teacher to see his daughter who lives separately from him only to leave the head teacher’s office to meet a thick crowd waiting to pounce on him.

The crowd, according to eyewitness, kept building up as the school is located close to a market at Abura, a densely populated area in the Cape Coast metropolis.

The central regional police command confirming the incident said they received a call from someone about the situation and the operations team led by the Deputy Regional Commander DCOP Enoch Bediako Twum moved to the scene where authorities of there confirmed that the man was there to visit his daughter and was not a kidnapper.

The police rescued Enoch Mensah Nortey and escorted him out of the scene and sent him to the regional police headquarters.

DSP Irene Oppong, regional police PRO, told the police is investigating the case with the full cooperation of Enoch Mensah.

She however cautioned the public against false alarm on kidnapping because it is a criminal offence and culprit would be prosecuted.

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