Meet Chief Emeka Beke: The Man Behind Rivers APC Crises.

The Rivers State secretary of the All Progressive Congress ( APC ), Chief Emeka Beke is the main brain behind the crises that rocked the All Progressive Congress in Rivers State for the past Two Years.

The Crises that rocked the All Progressive Congress in Rivers State was simply as a result failure by the Office of the State Secretary of the Party occupied by Chief Emeka Bekee to sell forms to delegates even after they had completed payment for the purchase of the form.

Although most fingers pointed at the Former Governor of Rivers State Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi, but Chief Emeka Beke was the main architect of the whole crises that engulfed Rivers State.

Emeka Beke without consulting with other Leaders of the Party in the State took the decision of bolting away with the Forms to Intels Camp,all in a bid to show capacity,but his action brought so much pains to the All Progressive Congress in Rivers State as both the Court of First Instance and the Supreme Court all agreed that the Party erred in Law by denying Party Faithfuls paid Forms.

Chief Emeka Beke is the main trigger of the Crises that bedeviled Rivers State Chapter of the All Progress.

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