Meet Max Chinnah, the 26-Year-Old Nigerian Inventor of the Smokeless Stove and CEO of Terraoak Inc

Max Chinnah smokeless stove that can cook and charge phones.

The need to positively affect rural lives is what he says pushed him to invent this. 1000 stoves will be distributed to rural areas.

The Abuja-born Chinnah was fortunate to have access to a computer when he was just 10 because his family could afford one. By 2011, Chinnah had received a scholarship package that would eventually help him get to Wartburg College.

What inspired the cookstove idea?

Chinnah, in a NextBillion podcast, explained that his passion to solve the world’s indoor smoke pollution problem was born out of the fact that his grandmother died of smoke pollution at a very young age.

Still, he says, being a computer science graduate of Wartburg College wasn’t enough. It was his experience at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Miami that inspired him to become an inventor.

“I didn’t think it was enough to just graduate (college) with a degree. I just needed to have more out of life, cookstove was mine”

This is Black Excellence

Let’s make him known to the world.

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