Meet Ogbogu Okonji, the Anioma King of Traditional-highlife Music

Ogbogu Okonji

Ada Na Egbu Azu…

Mention “Ibusa” to the other communities of Anioma and what readily comes to the mind is “Music”.

It was in recognition of this that the Great Azikiwe of Africa during one of his famous campaigns in the town described the people of the town as the “Congo of Africa” in early 1970s pleasantly stunned by the overwhelming degree of musical groups from the town that came all out to welcome him to the town.

Ogbogu Okonji was born in Ogboli Quarters in Ibusa, Oshimili-North Local Government Area, Delta State, South-south, Nigeria.

He began his professional career in music in Ibusa in 1979 but would later move to Lagos where he gained prominence.

He is a self-taught musician who joined a traditional music group as a secondary school student, on completing his secondary education, he joined Customs and Excise Department which then was the vogue for the youths of Ibusa but would soon retire from the department to fully pursue a career in traditional music. He further described music as something that gives him joy and fulfillment. “I am happy when I make people happy,” he also said

Ogbogu Okonji is known in the Anioma music industry as OGB or The Message Man.



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