MISSING BOY: “Wisdom Nwachimelueze” call 08186117730 or 08036676739

Dear God,

I just found out that Wisdom Nwachimelueze is missing and thoughts are racing into fear and panic. We surrender all of our fearful thoughts to You.

We call upon Your perfect wisdom to guide everything to ensure the complete safety and protection of Wisdom Nwachimelueze.

Please take our fearful thoughts and heal.

I’m willing to trust that Your love ensures our safety and well-being, and there is nothing to fear. In the presence of Your light, there is no darkness. No one can be harmed, threatened or in danger when they are surrounded by the light and protection of Your love. Please take our fears and replace them with Your certainty of a peaceful outcome.

I place Wisdom Nwachimelueze in Your capable hands and trust, with all my heart, that he are safe and secure. Thank You, in advance, for his safe and immediate return.

Thy will be done. Amen.

  • IF FOUND PLEASE call 08186117730 or 08036676739.
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