Mother of 2, murders her husband with a high-heeled shoe in Warri

Sylvester Etsebanghanro Ighomi

A wife on Saturday, in Ugbuwangue, Warri, Delta State, hit her husband with the heel of her shoe over allegation of infidelity, killing him in the process.

The mother-of-two reportedly struck her husband, Sylvester Etsebanghanro Ighomi, at the back of his head with the shoe.

Further reports revealed that the couple had engaged in a misunderstanding over alleged infidelity on the part of the deceased.

It was learnt that the woman had approached her husband where he sat and struck him with the shoe heel in the back of his head from behind.

Sylvester reportedly fainted and began to foam from his mouth and died before he could reach the hospital. The suspect is currently being held by the police.

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