NCDC is defrauding this country, they have an agenda to spread COVID-19 to all states- Kogi Commissioner

The crisis between Nigeria Center for Disease Control NCDC, and the Kogi state government is still blowing hot as the state Commissioner for Information, Kingsley Fanwo, is asking the agency to stop ”defrauding” Nigerians with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Channels Television this evening, Fanwo accused the agency of fraud.

According to him, the NCDC has an agenda to spread COVID-19 to all the states in the Federation.

NCDC should stop defrauding this country.

I am not one of those who think NCDC is helping this country. I am one of those who think NCDC has an agenda to spread COVID19 to all the states of the Federation. When there was no case in Kogi state, they did all they could to ensure that Kogi has a case. They are locking down the country, advising the presidency to lock down the country, the economy is bleeding.

Other ailments are killing Nigerians while they are concentrating on a pandemic that has killed less people than malaria has killed in the last two months.

As a state, we do not trust in the credibility of the NCDC he said.

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