Ned Nwoko soft spot for chastity, Married all his wives virgins.

One thing that anyone who knows Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, Senator-elect for Delta North Senatorial District would confirm is that he is down to earth. He is not one to mince words. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly. But at the same time, he has a soft spot for chastity. It is this chastity that leads him in most of his relationships with the opposite sex. As disclosed by a confidant, Ned could have had children through any lady but would never marry such if she was not a virgin as at the time they met.

Unknown to many, Senator Nwoko married all his wives as virgins. And he also took them in as 18-year olds.

Ned Nwoko and his 5th Wife, Regina Daniels.

And so on the fateful day when actress Regina Daniels, his mother and brothers   visited the Delta state country home of the Udumuje-Ugboko born Prince, it was a chance meeting. They must have come visiting because the country home is one of the monuments regarded as Nigeria’s major tourists’ attraction far back as about ten years ago.  It was a chance meeting, a meeting that would transform the life of the family and that of the Prince who was said to have taken to her immediately.

Our source confirmed that given the fact that Ned Nwoko didn’t watch Nollywood, he never knew the young pretty lady who looked so innocent was a Nollywood star. They met again and again. It was in the course of these meetings that the billionaire Prince was able to find out some of the things he needed from the lady before proposing to her.

As mentioned earlier, Prince Nwoko is not one to suffer fools gladly but once he sees chastity, he falls for it. And so it was easy making up his mind about marrying her  given the fact that she was a virgin when they met.  Of course he was blown off his feet by the fact that in the movie industry that has been given names, some unprintable, young ladies who had been able to keep their heads despite all the temptations therein still abound. This, it was gathered, made him determine to spare nothing in showcasing her and present her as a lady of good virtue, to encourage young ladies that such chastity and abstinence still pays, thus the gifts which many saw her displaying at the beginning of the relationship.

Within three weeks, he had proposed and they were set for marriage.

Our source also confirmed that exactly three weeks after they met, the wine- carrying event which is the first step, preceding the wedding proper, took place. This was about eight weeks ago. Already plans are afoot for the final marriage rights.

For your information, for Ned’s other wives, the courtship was even shorter as he married most of them after two weeks of courtship.

We also scooped that it didn’t take the pretty actress long to be persuaded to join the Ned family, same way her own family gave their tacit approval to the relationship.

Unlike the story that has been spread around, insiders also confirmed that the pretty actress is not yet pregnant.

One thing that seemed to gladden the heart of the Senator- in – waiting however is the relationship among the family, especially the way the actress was assimilated into the family as if she had always been there. A source who knows the house inside out informed us that he saw the actress swimming together with her stepchildren as well as her own sister who was just learning to swim and they clattered away in chatter oblivious of outsiders.

The warmth is however not limited to Ned Nwoko’s side alone as Regina’s immediate family had also given their hundred per cent support to the marriage and are willing to back her up at any time since it was her choice in the first instance.


Sources also confirmed that as it stands, Regina Daniels’ acting career might have taken a huge notch upwards with the marriage as the husband has promised to back her with everything at his disposal. Now, she might not be running round locations to satisfy any producer, rather she is likely to be producing her own films and she is also likely to get such films marketed abroad as the husband is believed to have told people that his contacts in the UK where he runs a chamber and own homes will be made available to her. With homes in and outside Nigeria, any setting she needs for the shooting of her films would be made available only for the asking.

One other issue is the fact that she is most likely not to be seen on local flights again as the husband has put at her service a private jet to take her around any time she wants to fly. When asked why he had to do this Ned was said to have told a friend that anything that belongs to him belongs to her also and there was no way he would be enjoying the services of his two private jets while his wife would be flying in public planes. His attitude to this, according to our source is that, if the family has to fly economy let all of us fly economy, if we have to fly First Class, let’s do it together and if we have to use the jet, it has to be for the whole family, there is no discrimination. This, the source added has also helped in the bonding within the family. Even Ned’s older children seemed to have taken a likeness for the actress despite the short time they have been together as they exchange banters. Seeing them together, you would think they have been together for ages.

One of Ned Nwoko’s associates also confirmed that the whole family welcomed the new addition and there is no reason for anyone to feel out of place. This, according to him is because Ned would never tell any of the wives that she is going to be the last he would marry and so there is no way any of them would wake up and claim she has been disappointed.

However, in all these Regina’s position as the latest and youngest wife and by far the most visible continues to attract debates. For the couple, they are getting used to it, after all, they had always been in the eyes of the media before they consummated their relationship

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