Nigeria at 59: What are we Celebrating? Joblessness, poverty, insecurity, killings, youths doing nothing but begging money on social media.

Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor and son to Pete Edochie, says Nigerians who celebrate the country’s 59th independence anniversary are part of the nation’s problems.

The 37-year-old movie star and politician took to his Instagram page where he recounted how he received invitations to a couple of independence day shows and turned down all of them because he could not find anything worth celebrating.

He said the country, ever since he was born, has rather amassed more problems for itself instead of achievements and its citizens need to speak the truth to themselves if they are to move forward.

“I’ve been invited for a couple of independence day shows to celebrate Nigeria at 59 on October 1st and all that. I turned down all those shows cause, honestly, I don’t see what we’re celebrating. What are we celebrating?” Edochie asked.

“I’m 37 years old. All the problems that Nigeria had right before I was born are still there with more added. So, what are we celebrating? The list is endless: joblessness, poverty, insecurity, killings everywhere, the youths doing nothing but begging money on social media.

“We’re not achieving anything! I mean, we need to tell ourselves the truth for us to move forward in this country. Even if things are good for you, what about other people? I believe you are part of our problems if you’re planning to celebrate Nigeria at 59.”

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