Nigerian lady cries out after seeing the mysterious place her man keeps her picture in his house.

A scared Nigerian lady has come to social media to cry for help after she discovered where her man keeps her pictures in his house. According to what she sent to love doctor and relationship expert Joro Olumofin, he put the pictures inside a bottle with food items and hair.

She said ” Joro i am scared of my life. What do i do? I came to my bf place and saw my pix inside bottle with fruits and dry pepper. We have been dating for 3 months. I don’t know what to do. I want to confront him. I am surprised because he is UK trained and all. Please what do you think? You can share but keep me anonymous please. I don’t want to believe it. He seem from a good home. He put Yam, Plantain, Pineapple , my picture inside a bottle and used hair to cover it”



Some people believe that juju can play an important role in their relationships. They therefore seek help from people especially witchdoctors so as to win the love as well as maintain or protect their relationships. Juju is generally described as a spirit which assists one to achieve an objective, whether good or bad.

The use of juju in winning the love of the opposite sex is common place but the practice is deeply steeped in secrecy. For some of the men, they consult witchdoctors , tell them they want this particular lady, they are sometimes asked to bring the picture of the lady, dress or any part of the lady’s body, it could be her nails, hair, shoes etc.

When they bring these things, the witchdoctor prepares special “things” for them, sometimes I hear “somethings “are locked in a padlock and until the padlock is unlocked, the love between the two shall be forever. It is even more serious when the padlock is thrown into the sea.

Some witch doctors also give you money or a special gift that you can give to the lady you are interested in. It is even believed that, this can even change the mind of the most difficult lady in the area, office or any where. It has been discovered that most men use juju to win the love of certain women because they just want to have sex with them. And also to prove to their male friends that they are capable of having sex with the most “untouchable” ladies.

“Ladies underwear and panties are also used by the men. Sometimes after sex, the man would tell the lady, he has new underwear or panty for her, excited as she is, she would be forced to put the new one on and eventually forget about the old one. The old one especially the one with vaginal discharge is taken to the witchdoctor”.


“Most men use juju to protect their relationship, they want their women to love them and no one else. Some even go to the extent that when another man sleeps with their woman; their male organ will forever be stuck in the woman’s vagina”.

What do you think the lady should do?

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