Nigerian lady recounts how armed robbers killed her mom on New Year’s day, January 1st 2019.

January 1 would always be a sad day to remember for a Twitter user, Thesimesty, and her family members seeing as they lost a very dear one on what was meant to be a happy celebration.

The Family.

Some individuals have no respect for special celebrations and they even see it as an opportunity to carry out their evil plans. On January 1, 2019, a family lost a wife and mother after armed robbers took her life.

Amuwo Parrot News (APN) earlier reported that a friend to the victim’s family shared the story of how thieves stole from a family on New Year day and even killed the woman of the home.

In a new development, the woman’s daughter has taken to social media to recount the terrifying experience. She explained in a series of tweets how her mother was murdered and the effect it has had on their home ever since.

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