Nigerian Sailors discover the charm a Nigerian lady made to control her husband and mother-in-law.

The Final Destination!

Nigerian Sailors discover the “Love charm” a Nigerian lady made to control her husband and mother-in-law…

They found the charm which consisted of a the picture of herself and her husband and her mother-in-law, with two woods which were tied together and placed in a small wooden casket.. They also found an incantation in it which reads:

“May Abiodun never question whatever Temitope says.

May he always give Temitope all the money he makes in his entire life. May everything he works hard to get in life always be given to Temitope, be it car, land house or anything at all. Anything she asks from him must be provided without questioning.

May Abiodun never love any other woman again, except Temitope. May he start living with her as husband and wife as from today.”


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