Nigerian US Based Yahoo Boys “Azaman” Returns $32,000 To Woman Scammed

In what I’ll call a twist of fate, this US based Nigerian man @theblackmentor on Instagram, returned $32,000 to an aged American woman who was scammed by yahoo boys.

According to him, he received the money in his business account, but rather than give it to the scammers, he traced the victim and returned the money to her.

Watch the VIDEO below;


Meanwhile, nothing is going to happen to the man, nothing that your local yahoo boys can do from Nigeria. You all should stop glorifying your homebased Lexus and Benz driving yahoo boys. There is nothing special the majority of them do, apart from preying on the gullibility and desperation of unsuspecting aged women in the abroad.

The guy received the money over a month ago, if they are so good at contact tracing, they should have used it to recover their money since- rather than wait to kill him now.

Abi you think American police is your ogogoro drinking NPF?


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