Nigerian woman dumps husband after serving his best meal and making love to him

A Nigerian woman Claire Nnadi, has taken to Facebook to share an intriguing story of how she left her ex-husband after making love to him and serving him his best meal.

After she did those like a good wife without the intention of jilting her man very soon, she also kissed him goodbye before the man went out to watch football at Ajah.

She said that they lived in Magodo. Claire said she knew she had a maximum of four hours before the man would return to the house.

With that time limit, she hurriedly packed her belongings, knowing that was the last time she would ever be in the house.

The Nigerian woman said that her husband disabled her car so wouldn’t go anywhere. To get it out of the house, she had to tow it. When the man came back to meet her absence, he called over 100 times. Within 48 hours, he pleaded with the woman, an attitude he changed to threats after.

Claire said he told her: “I’ll kill you. I’ll cripple you. I’ll burn your father’s house down. If i can’t have you, no one will. Watch your back.” The threats continued even after the woman had informed her family.

She said that he always had a way to get her new number everything she changed it. Claire said she did not take his threats lightly. She added that she stayed out of his sight and made sure she was never out late.

The woman wrote her story in response to the Ghanaian pastor who shot his wife as details emerged that he had threatened her in the past.

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