Nigerians Blast Shehu Sani, over his tweet on FG Planing to give South Africa Returnees 10k each from TraderMoni.

Human rights activist and former lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani, has urged Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo not to empower returnees from South Africa with N10,000 Trader Moni.

The former Kaduna senator said this in a tweet on Sunday.

Sani said the Federal Government should come up with a resettlement plan that would allow the victims of xenophobia to feel compensated.

He wrote, “The FG should make adequate arrangements and give reasonable support to Nigerians who decided to return home and begin a new life..and abeg don’t even think of linking them up with VP’s tradermoni 10k..biko!”

You are one of those that work less and earn more in this country, how much did NASS spent on getting you guys cars? I’m sorry to say sir, you are one of the problem of this country
Trader moni is now your problem, God is watching.


They have to start from somewhere innit? I keep saying it, this bush in your head beclouds your reasoning. So the VP should give them millions to start off. Baloney.


Well, I don’t blame you. Your constituency rejected you, so it’s OK to find solace in being a jester.


You took ‘Hardship money’ for Four years.. Support them too..


Give them out of the one you stole now, or is that a bad idea, don’t give them camels and transistor radios oooo pls.


Give reasonable support??? Now i know this man is not serious, FG give who support, bring from the one you stole to lead and others will follow. Criminals claiming saints, if Nigeria good wetin we dey go find outside


I believe u knw they’re no any better than the millions of Nigerians who’ve chosen to remain home to support their Gov’t in restoring our Nat’l glory. Lest u forget, you’re part of the leaders who took home millions of $ in the name of constituency project with nothing to show.


I am sure that if former/serving Senators had not been sharing millions running into billions, the federal government would have had more than enough millions to give them.

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