Nigeria’s Senators Earnings, Monthly Basic Salary.

Checkout Nigeria’s Senators Earnings, Monthly Basic Salary. As released by StatiSense, a Data Company with expertise in Data Analysis.

Nna na wa OO!

Masses experience hardship, senators receive allowance for it.

Tell me why an angry, frustrated, alienated and pauperized man won’t attack a man who enjoys all these for doing nothing? Do you think Ekweremadu’s case is going to be a one off? Think again. This NASS members are thieves for collecting this outrageous amount of money.

Guess Now, we know our problem.

Do the maths for House of Reps, then Add the executive and you’ll truly go crazy.

Nigeria’s Senators Earnings, Monthly Basic Salary.

Basic Salary – N2.48m

Hardship Allowance – N1.24m

Constituency Allowance – N4.97m

Furniture Allowance – N7.45m

Newspaper Allowance – N1.24m

Wardrobe Allowance – N621K

Recess Allowance – N248K

Accommodation – N4.97m

Utilities – N828K

Nigeria’s Senators Earnings:

Entertainment – N828K

Personal Assistant – N621K

Vehicle Maintenance Allowance – N1.86m

Leave Allowance – N248K

Severance Gratuity – N1.86m

Motor Vehicle Allowance – N9.94m

Total = N29.48m Monthly

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