Nnamdi Explains Why He Rolled In Mud After His Marriage Proposal Was Rejected By His Lover

The pictures of a man seen crying and rolling on the mud became a trending topic on social media sites in Nigeria recently. The man who was later identified as Ekeh Nnamdi was spotted wearing a white native attire and was seen rolling on the mud at the Relief Market in Owerri, Imo State.

While later responding to the question, he claimed that as a bricklayer he was able to struggle to sponsor his lover who’s named he identified as Charity Odunze to complete her studies in the University and was shocked that she rejected him after 5 years of relationship. Nnamdi also added that this is the third time he is experiencing similar rejection.

This is a sad experience that calls for food for thought Nnamdi. I

sincerely feel Mr. Nnamdi as the pictures speak volumes of how disappointed he was for the public rejection.

My advice for men is to be sure that their lover is ready and will accept their marriage proposal before going to the public to make a marriage proposal. Because these days the social media has been trending with different types of marriage proposal rejection.

Guys who do public marriage proposals should be commended for their courage and open shows of love and affection for their girlfriend. I will love to encourage Nnamdi not to lose hope, if she is meant for him she will later accept and if she did not someone else somewhere will be willing to be his wife.

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