Now that senators elect are been sworn in, what happens to Rochas Okorocha?

“Under Duress”

Biko nu, tis wan wey Senators Elect are been sworn in…

What Happens to Senator – Elect ‘Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha’?

It seems everyone is happy and unlooking as INEC NIGERIA is poking our constitution.

No political ‘hashtaggers’ because its’ Okorocha or because he did not give you guys money to trend # on his behalf.

Once election is conducted, and the returning officer has openly declared the winner, INEC NIGERIA have no say on that elections again.

The only body empowered for any post-election issue is the court, through the Tribunal.

Going forward, and with this illegality being perpetrated by INEC NIGERIA, some of you will stand for elections in future, and the returning officer (maybe your ex), after validly declaring you as winner, will come forward to say he/she declared you winner under duress.

This is not the democracy many died for

INEC (as the 3rd respondent in electoral petition), through the RO, have the chance to testify and prove how a winner already declared won or didn’t win

This is crazy. I hope INEC NIGERIA and Yakubu Mohammed pay for this illegality.

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