Okada riders menace on Lagos roads, facebook users narrate near death experience.


How did we suddenly…Arrive At a situation Whereby Any little infraction with these OKADA GANGSTERS…
The next thing Lined up in their mind…THEY WOULD WANT TO DO DAMAGE TO ONE’S CAR!

I just need to mention this episode Because about two days ago I WAS ONE OF THEIR LATEST VICTIM In Lagos.
But for my personality And the timely intervention Of some car dealers And onlookers Around where the incidence took place Besides Some very important calls That I made Immediately After the drama occurred.

These guys (Okada riders) In their hundreds Just swarm Like a Bee Around me And My vehicle With The golden intention Of setting the car Ablaze..!!!
I wasn’t wrong in my driving … As confirmed by the people around … That watched the whole scene …
But These guys riddled and highly intoxicated… In alcohol and drugs felt otherwise … And wanted by all means … And at all costs to deliver their bidding.

This kind of jungle injustice MUST BE HALTED.

In Lagos. A lot of innocent and unconnected guys MUST have fallen victim And Used as unnecessary prey People cannot leave certain parts of Nigeria Come into Lagos With the aim of surviving And Begin to unleash terror On innocent people I think the authority or agency concerned… With the regulation of this cultist group termed OKADA RIDERS… Should do more or else One day We shall wake up in Lagos To seeing an ethnic cleansing Taking place before our very own eyes.


Who can help us!

Another Facebook user, @Innocent Kokobili had this to say…

This guy overtook me from the right-hand side of my car… Landed in front of me suddenly … During the rains… And wanted to suddenly disappear from my front … When his bike rear collided with my bumper on the right-hand side of my car. Damaged was done to my bumper… I wasn’t even talking about mine… I parked my car quietly … Came down… Went towards himself and his passenger… Apologized even though the Okada guy was wrong… I wanted to take them to a clinic where I have a say … For them to receive treatment… Both said No… Only for the passenger to quietly leave the scene taking another bike… And this Aboki Okada rider… Began to speak in his native language calling all other Hausa Okada riders… To the scene! I was shocked … It was at that point crowd started to gather for both of us… He was also shocked at the overwhelming attention I got from the crowd too… Which made many of his own Okada riders to leave the scene… One after the other… When people saw and heard my story!

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