Olympian Scott Miller arrested for drug trafficking as police find £1.12m of meth hidden in candles

AN ex-Australia Olympic swimmer has been arrested and charged with running a drug trafficking syndicate, police said.

Scott Miller, 45, and an accomplice were arrested in police raids in Sydney suburbs on Tuesday.

They were charged with the alleged supply of £1.12million worth of methamphetamine, also known as ‘ice’, concealed inside candles.

Police also seized a kilo of heroin, other drugs and cash in the raids.

Miller won silver in the 100m butterfly and then bronze in the 4x100m medley

A police spokesman described Miller as the head of a ‘criminal syndicate’ that sold ice across New South Wales.

Miller was seen slumped in a chair sitting topless and wearing jeans as cops raided the home.

He was later handcuffed and taken to a local police station.

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