Omg, come see conversation over Chief Tony Anenih transition.

Dele: Oh My God 😳 😮 😯 May His gentle soul RIP amen 🙏, Nigeria has lost a fortune, we sympathize with his family. God knows best.

Shehu: Nigeria lost a fortune? Well it depends on what you mean. But my advice to you is, next time if a politician is dead just say rest in peace and forget all those painting. Was he not the same Tony that messed up around 300 billion naira as minister works and housing in OBJ regime. RIP Oga!

Dele: The one thing you can agree with is that Nigeria indeed lost a fortune.
If you said he mismanaged almost 300 billion naira, then we may not be able to recover that again. That is indeed a fortune to loose.

Shehu: Lol, that is why I said it depends on what you mean that Nigeria lost a fortune. This man dead without paying for that. mismanagement of 300 billion. We have to keep on reminding them what they did to us even after death. Even though that is not enough, this guys messed this 9ja up.

Dele: TRUTH, but the sycophants won’t like it, because they are of the same kind. Looters.

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