Omoyele Sowore calls the attention of Nigeria for “A Cacerolazo”.

Starting @ Noon, from Saturday, April 25th to end Saturday May 2nd, 2020

Sowore on his Twitter handle @YeleSowore wrote…

#RevolutionNow Pots are empty, plates are empty and the stomach is very empty! Bang your pot at home, don’t let hunger kill you at home because of their greed, corruption and incompetence”.


A Cacerolazo or casserole is a form of popular protest which consists of a group of people making noise by banging pots, pans, and other utensils in order to call for attention.

The first protests of this style occurred in France in the 1830s, at the beginning of the July Monarchy, by opponents of the regime of Louis Philippe I of France. According to the historian Emmanuel Fureix, the protesters took from the tradition of the charivari the use of noise to express disapproval, and beat saucepans to make noise against government politicians.

This way of showing discontent became popular in 1832, taking place mainly at night and sometimes with the participation of thousands of people.

More than a century later, in 1961, “the nights of the pots” were held in Algeria, in the framework of the Algerian War of Independence. They were thunderous displays of noise in cities of the territory, carried out with homemade pots, whistles, horns and the cry of “French Algeria”.

In the following decades, this type of protest was limited almost exclusively to South America, with Chile being the first country in the region to register them. Subsequently it has also been seen in Spain —where it is called cacerolada or, in Catalan, cassolada)—, and in other countries.

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