One of the many wonders of the world ~ What does a woman want?

A woman really doesn’t want much from a man. There are really only seven things – seven qualities that she’s looking for in a life partner. Although these qualities are hard to find, they are qualities of which every man is capable.

1. Honesty – but not too much of it.

A woman doesn’t want a man to lie to her about important matters. She wants to be an important part of his life – the most important part, in fact. She wants to know the things that are going on his life and she wants him to have trust in her. As far as she is concerned, they are one – his life is her life.

2. Understanding – so that she doesn’t feel the need to have to explain herself.

She wants you to know her – inside and out. Why? Because only then will you love her for her. We all sometimes need confirmation that we’re worth loving. The real us – not the people others perceive us to be. We may not all need such a confirmation of our value, but we all want it. But it’s more than just that.

Having someone understand you is having someone completely know you for the person that you really are. There’s no confusion, there’s no misunderstanding or misconception.

3. Caring – she needs to know she matters to you.

To be cared for means not to be alone in this life. Most people are forced to care for themselves and the truth is that it’s a lot more difficult than people let on. As human beings, we aren’t always in the right mindset to care for ourselves. To top it off, that’s usually exactly when we need the most caring – when we aren’t mentally or physically capable of doing it ourselves.

She wants you to be there for her when she needs someone, to be there to share her burden.

4. Strength – both mental and physical.

No woman wants a physical weakling – it’s against her nature. That doesn’t mean she won’t settle for slightly less than Herculean, but you’re a man dammit. She wants to feel that when she’s in your presence. She wants you to be intelligent and to practice self-control simply because you can.

We’re all still animals and women will always be attracted to the stronger men. She wants you to be strong not for the sake of being strong – she wants you to be strong for her.

5. Compassion – shows her you’re capable of loving.

A woman doesn’t only want a man to have love only for her, but a love for life, for living things. She wants a kind man, a man whom others will look up to, appreciate and admire. She wants a good man.

6. Security – financial and literal.

You don’t need to be a millionaire. Well, for some women, you very well may need to be, but hopefully you’ll only end up with one who admires the traits required for turning oneself into a millionaire and not the money alone. Generally speaking, the right woman will love you for you, but she does need you to make her feel secure.

She wants to feel that you will protect her from physical harm. She wants to know that you’ll keep her safe, healthy and comfortable. Does she need you to keep her safe? To bring home the bread? No. But she’d like you to be capable of it – even if her salary is bigger than yours. She’ll have your back too so you can rest easier as well.

7. Blind Loyalty – she wants to be the only woman he has eyes for.

We all have big egos – men and women alike. We want to feel special. We want to feel unique and better than the rest. We’re competitive by nature and there is no getting around it. Women want a man who sees the world in her. Her and only her.

She knows she’s not the most beautiful or smartest woman in the world, but she doesn’t need to be – she’s not delusional. She just wants you to think – know – that she’s the most beautiful, best woman in the world for you.

* Oluchi Nwana Says –

In my honest opinion I would hate to date a rich guy or a model. I think, and probably along with a lot of other woman, that as long as he cares, trusts, loves and is faithful to you that is all that matters. Flash cars, money, model looks, status and possessions mean nothing, and that’s the way it should be.

A classic example of this is Jack Dawson off Titanic. In everyone’s mind he has nothing to offer Rose as he as a poor man with absolutely no money. But he had so much more to offer – unconditional love, trust, faithfulness, acceptance, passion and care. And thats why every girl who watches that movie falls in love with Jack, with who he is.

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