Photo of man who used his cousin as collateral for drugs surfaces, declared wanted dead or alive

Facial identity of the man who used his cousin as human collateral for drugs in Pakistan has surfaced online and he has been declared wanted either dead or alive.

It was earlier reported that a Nigerian man cried out that his uncle, Andrew has ran away after he used him as a human collateral for drugs in Pakistan.

According to new reports, Andrew was given drugs to sell and to return with the profits, but he came back with excuses that the ‘market’ was bad and started demanding for another ‘market’ which the drug Lord refused.

He however left his cousin as collateral and promised to come back with the money, but since then, he disappred.

Read the full report below;

According to the news reaching us from Pakistan direct,

The parkistan drug Lord gave Andrew business to sell and return his money, Andrew sold everything añd came back with story that the market he gave him was too bad, Andrew started demanding for another market so he can use it to mix another drug.

Which the parkistan drug Lord refuse, Andrew ask his brother to stay back while he go and bring there money, From there he disappear both the market and there money.

According to his friends they said after the business Andrew went and bought expensive Jeep and started flexing in Nigeria. Currently he is Nigeria.

Friday is 10th still Andrew is no where to be found.


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