Political power is not donated but Politics is negotiation

Fashola wants Yorubas to make a case for the presidency in 2023. That is within their rights.

He wants them to do that by voting en masse for the APC. He wants the Yoruba to put the APC in a difficult position: “where it cannot refuse to reward the Southwest”.

That is good political strategy.

Do not hit your head on a wall. You will bleed for nothing.

Fashola is a politician. Warawara once let his wife see some text messages so she can sit up and contest for him. When she saw the text messages from UNILAG girls she tore her dress and threw tantrums until one elderly woman called her aside. Then she got the message.

Ohaneze publicly chose Atiku last week. Three months ago they said they didnt want to be distracted by the promise of the presidency. But today they are willing to be bound by the promise of the vice presidency.

Anyway, you cant blame Ohanze.

It’s a cultural group trying its hands at slippery politics. Rather than call in the major political parties and scrutinize their plans and policies and get them to commit to Igbo presidency and political restructuring , Ohaneze has acted childishly.

At the sight of one vice presidential candy Ohaneze thoughtlessly took a for- better- for -worse vow. And took it without any marriage counselling , without any sober reflection.

Ohaneze members want the APC to turnover the presidency to the Southeast in 2023. They want it to come as a gift, a pacifier, to a sulking child.

The problem is that politics in a country like Nigeria is often not that emotional, that empathetic. In Nigeria, people can always let you have the eba. But when it comes to the meat, you have to want it.

I have no problem with the whole of the southeast voting 100% for one party. That is democracy. But when they choose they must not choose emotionally. They must use their votes collectively to bargain for power and development.

When their bargain goes awry, they must take the fallouts like sportsmen. And adjust their calculations in the next cycle. Sportsmen don’t grieve hopelessly.

Fashola has pitched a bargain. Igbo politicians in the APC should stand up and pitch theirs. Pitch something. I know they will not be believed. The tragedy is the unabating cynicism.

People have been spitting curses at Fashola . But if Fashola had asked Igbos to vote APC so that they would get the presidency in 2023, they would have cursed him too.

They would have cursed his ancestors too!

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