Power pass Power: Police to make animal sacrifice for detaining Edo Chief Priest.

Police fetch wahala in Edo after arresting the Chief Priest of Benin Kingdom. To appease the gods, the Nigerian Police must provide 14 native cows, sheep, etc.

See why you must treat the Great Oracle with respect. Police, beware.

The chief priest who lives outside Benin by tradition established by King Ewuare the Great in the 15th century ought not to visit Benin when the crown Prince assumes position as king.

Recall that before the Oba was coronated as king, the chief priest and the crown Prince engaged themselves in a symbolic and traditional wrestling match. That was the last time tradition allowed them to see each other!

All pleas that the chief priest and the Oba cannot be in Benin or that the priest cannot visit Benin while the Oba is alive fell on deaf ears. Police nor hear word…

No sooner the chief priest was arrested and taken to Benin, violent storm, rain, thunder and lightning descended on Benin. Immediately the Oba became suddenly aware that tradition had been desecrated, wahala bursts…

The police was forced to release the chief priest, but without first having two dogs sacrificed in the vicinity of the police HQ in Benin. Poor Nkitas!

The Edo Compol has since ordered the detention of the police officers who desecrated Benin tradition, while steps are being taken to procure 14 native cows, sheep, goats and tortoise for cleansing.

If there’re things you can’t explain, this is one. Another is that incident in Oke-Igbo, Ondo state in 1983. Recall how Adewusi’s anti-riot policemen had their uniforms stuck to their bodies when they stormed the village, until sacrifices were made to appease the gods.

I just dey laff. He’s not call Ohen N’ Ukoni Neyedo for nothing. The great Ohen Okhuaihe shrine.

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1 thought on “Power pass Power: Police to make animal sacrifice for detaining Edo Chief Priest.

  1. Chai, Tony, so all these supernatural powers déh work this fantastically?
    Why these supermen and women no wan use them in positive ways to ride our countries of her enemies of progres and make Nigeria the best country to ti live in the world.
    If they can do that, i think that at least 90% of Nigerians will choose to become animists O.

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