Powerful Home Treatment For Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that causes liver inflammation and damage. Inflammation is swelling that occurs when tissues of the body become injured or infected. Inflammation can damage organs.

It is the most common type of hepatitis in the world, and also the most deadly Hepatitis B virus is transmitted at the time of sexual intercourse (the sperm and other body fluids contain it) and blood, which is 50 to 100 times more infectious than the AIDS virus. T

he exchange of contaminated syringes can cause its transmission The vast majority of infected people manage to fight completely Approximately 5% remain chronically infected and are said to be carriers of the virus Carriers have no symptoms but are at high risk of cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer.

Life-threatening diseases a surrogate mother can transmit the virus to her child at birth, and by reuse of non-sterile needles and syringes. If more rarely, it contracts during unprotected sex with infected persons, especially if blood is exchanged (menstruation, wounds in the genital or anal pathways). This is the leading cause of liver transplantation, a vaccine has been available since 1982.

1) an unripe papaya and papaya roots
2) fresh papaya leaves
3) 3 lemons to cut in half
4) fresh leaves of Moringa
5) coconut roots
6) Moringa root (Small piece)
NB: The Moringa roots is very powerful, so when adding its should be a very small piece.

Put everything in the pot but the leaves should be on top. Add about 1 gallon of water and boil for an hour.

Drink 1 glass of this herbal medicine 3 times a day.

: Always add water to the herbs and boil everyday. This is a 10 day treatment.


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