Presidency says, Abuja protest sponsored.

The Presidency, last night, reacted to the protest by Concerned APC National Stakeholders (CANS), who called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack some of his trusted allies, described as “cabal”. Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu described what happened as “sponsored protest.”

You are going to see more of such sponsored protests. In one of the hotels here in the federal capital, there is shop that sells packages of protests. At a given fee, they will write the protest speech, the placards and give you the marchers, men and women as well as the lead speaker who in many cases is a lawyer.

So we are not surprised at all. Very soon, reporters and photographers will be buying this service to attack editors they don’t like.

One thing to note is that this President is not the kind that can be swayed by this chicanery. He has a mind of his own and he alone will decide who he will work with and who he will send away. In effect, this demonstration will change nothing, he said.

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