Priorities: Chinese Loans For Railway Stations Over Building Well Equipped Medical Facilities

The Big Politicians that have died of Covid-19 would not have if they could travel abroad for their usual monthly medical check up/treatment and if there were good hospitals in Nigeria to take care of those health conditions that make them travel.

I advice the ones still alive & in power to take the message nature is sending them very seriously & do something very urgent about the health care system of Nigeria… I am surprised that uptil now we have not heard nor seen any activity going on in that regard but what we are hearing is looking more Chinese loans to build railway not even hospitals.

Who that have an ear let him hear what the spirits are saying.

The poor masses have suffered so much deprivation, our cries have risen to high heavens, those in power should sit up or die out.

Dem nor dey bribe nature Ooo!!!

I don talk my own.

By Precious Meno Egwome

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