Regina Daniels Nwoko gets a tattoo in honour of her mother, Rita Daniels

It’s hard to find a parent-child bond as strong as that of Regina Daniels and her mother, Rita.

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has taken to her Instagram Page to show off her new tattoo she did.

Regina Daniels who has a new tattoo behind her back has the inscription of her mother’s name “Rita” which holds a special meaning. Regina Daniels doesn’t joke with her mother. Her mother is apparently her best friend and her everything. to portray her love for her, she did a tattoo to honor her.

Regina Daniels showed her new tattoo behind her back and it reads…”Rita Daniels”. Her tattoo was done in honour of her mother.

She shared the photo on her new tattoo on her Instagram page with the caption “Mama in my hearts forever”.

Rita Daniels who is also an actress was the one who groomed her daughter into the superstar she is today.

At a very young age of 8, Regina Daniels made her Nollywood debut and made the most of the opportunity.

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