Residents of Agege, chase man away from dropping sacrifice on their street in broad daylight

If there is one sign you need to become convinced that these are perilous times, you may need to look no further, this video is the answer to your curiosity.

A video emerged on social media on Thursday of a man who became confused after residents embarrassed and stopped him from dropping a calabash full of sacrifice on their street in broad daylight.

According to a social media user who shared the video, the incident occurred at Emiloju street in Agege area of Lagos.

The social media user wrote:

The guy was carrying sacrifice around 9:13am today in Agege and those guys did not allow him to drop it around their street.

In the footage which has since gone viral on social media, the half-naked man was seen putting on a yellow short carrying the big calabash containing the sacrifice on his head.

Residents who stopped him from dropping the calabash in the area were also seen trooping after him with cudgels as they chased him out of their street.

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