#RevolutionNow: Policemen Disrupt Peaceful Protest Nationwide

The police in Lagos have arrested 10 participants of the #RevolutionNow protest currently ongoing across the country.

The protesters, who gathered at the Ikeja area of Lagos, were attacked by the police with teargas canisters in order to disperse them.

Those arrested have been moved to an unknown destination while others at the scene of the protest are being chased by the police to leave the vicinity.

The demonstrators had taken to the streets early this morning to demand better governance from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In one of Omoyele Sowore’s tweets, he said;

Today is the D-DAY, #RevolutionNow action nationwide and globally.

We urge ALL Nigerian citizens home and abroad to come out to undertake mass action against tyranny, corruption, incompetence, wickedness in the highest places!

We urge security forces to act rationally. FREEDOM!

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