Sanusi Arrives his residence in Lagos. He was educated at King’s College, where he graduated in 1977

Ousted Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi finally arrives Lagos

On Monday (March 9, 2020) Emir of Kano State in northern Nigeria was dethroned by the state government citing insubordination and his actions impugning on the cultural and religious norms of the Emirates he occupied.

Several events have since taken place, this article seeks to follow the sequence of events from when he was flown out of Kano to central Nasarawa State where he is being kept in the town of Awe.

Some key incidents that have taken place include

  • Govt obeys court orders, allows Sanusi to leave
  • Leads Friday prayers in Awe
  • Kaduna State governor visits Emir in Awe
  • Court order Emir to be liberated
  • Emir’s palace library evacuated
  • New Emir given mandate by governor, coronation awaits
  • Kaduna State ‘employs’ ousted Emir
  • President Buhari denies a hand in Sanusi’s ouster
  • Banishment debate rages on social media

Emir leaves Abuja to leaves for Lagos

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