SARS: Lady Shot Dead, Boyfriend Battles For Survival In Ajegunle.

Popular Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman has alleged that officers of the Nigerian Police Force have killed a 20-year-old girl in Lagos and also shot her boyfriend who is battling for survival.

According to the rapper who broke the news on Twitter, the incident happened in the Ajegunle area of Lagos and the act was allegedly perpetuated by the officers of the Trinity Police Station Ajegunle.

He however called for death sentencing for police officers that engage in extra-judicial killings.

He wrote:

Men of the @PoliceNG from Trinity Police Station Ajegunle have killed another innocent Nigerian youth. They killed a 20yr old girl in Ajegunle while the boy that was with her was also shot and is fighting for his life . We demand the death sentence.


Jessy Gold. RIP.


A young man identified as Emmanuel aka AJ main boy, is currently battling for his life, while his girlfriend, Jessica Ada, is dead, following their encounter with some SARS operatives while returning from a club on Saturday, April 14, 2019, in Lagos.

The lovers and a friend had gone to Club J5 in Olodi Apapa, on Friday, and were returning around 6:30a.m on Saturday, when they were accosted by some SARS operatives who were on a bike.

Since there was no way to identify the officers, Emmanuel refused to stop for them and continued on his trip to drop Jessica at home, however, on getting to their destination, the officers showed up and opened fire on them.




Jessica was shot twice in the belly and once on the lap, while her boyfriend was shot at the back of his head, but their friend was unhurt. The officers were later identified by some eyewitnesses and the DPO of Trinity Police Station confirmed that they have been transferred to the headquarters in Ikeja for interrogation.

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