See List Of 12 Countries Without Coronavirus Case

It will amaze you to know that some countries are yet to announce any case of Coronavirus despite World Health Organization, declaring it a global Pandemic.

The virus in late 2019 was confined to China, but became a global threat in a few weeks later.

With over 188 countries reporting the ravage of the virus, some countries are yet to report it.

The virus has no vaccine or cure yet and can be transmitted from droplets of bodily fluids – such as mucus and saliva to another person.

Containing it has been difficult but the practice of social distancing, washing of hands and use of sanitizers have been introduced as precautionary measures against the virus.

Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University recently shows that more than 4.9 million people have been infected with a global death toll of more than 323,000.

These twelve countries are yet to report any cases of the coronavirus so far:


Marshall Islands



North Korea



Solomon Islands





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