She slept with her ex in my house, Please What do I do?


Need some help here. I started flirting with some girl some time back and before long, I found myself catering for most of her financial requests. Once, I invited her to my place and she obliged. While there, I asked her for sex but she declined, saying it was not the right time. I did not insist. Another day, when I was busy at my work place, she came around and asked for the keys of my house so she could go and help do my laundry and some other house chores – plus prepare a meal for me.

But later when I returned home from work, I was shocked to find two used condoms in my bedroom. I waited until she had left and made inquiries in the neighbourhood. Unsurprisingly, I was told that the girl was seen entering my house with her ex-boyfriend earlier that day.

I am very disappointed, frustrated and perplexed.

What do I do?

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