Silly excuses dumb women give for staying in abusive relationships.

I heard another one today…

I’m used to a lot of silly excuses dumb women give for staying in abusive relationships.
“I’m staying for my children”
“How will I cope without his financial support”
“My family will be disappointed in me”
And then, the dumbest of all…
“What will people say”!


Let me answer that last question.
People will tell you how stupid you are for choosing a farce of marriage over your dignity, life and warfare of your children.
That’s what I will say.

OK, as I was saying, I heard a new excuse today.

So this woman who has three kids, this woman who is a top staff with an international organization, this woman who is the bread winner of the family, this woman whose husband steals from to flex his side chic, this woman who receives an almost daily beating, this woman who lost her last pregnancy after been pummeled by the husband…
This woman said that she will stick to her “for better for worse” vow, because
Wait for it…

“Because my poor husband doesn’t do all these with clear eye, but he is being spiritually remote by his father who is an ocultic man. I know he loves me. What I owe him is prayers. I won’t rest till I win this battle againt the kingdom of darkness.

Brethren, who am I to speak further.
Case closed.

In advance,

Rest in peace ma.

By Jennifer Awirigwe

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