Slapping RCCG Pastor: “The News about me is fake, RCCG has asked for settlement” – Court of Appeal Judge Responds.

Justice Oyebisi Folayemi Omoleye of the court of Appeal has responded to news report of how she allegedly slapped an RCCG pastor in ondo while protesting noise pollution being generated by the church near her house.

In a rejoinder by her personal assistant , the top jurist stated that the news widely published is fake. The rejoinder however did not explain the pictures and the videos accompanying the report.

Below is the full text of the rejoinder issued by a judge of Akure division of the court of Appeal, Justice Omoleye:


The attention of the Honourable Justice Oyebisi Folayemi Omoleye, J.C.A. has been drawn to the fake news being circulated vide social media platforms by a phantom media house referred to as “Triangle News Media”.

However, upon preliminary inquiries from reputable and renowned journalists, we were informed that the fake news should be disregarded as the so called “Triangle News Media” is non-existent. Our attention was also drawn to the fact that no writer has claimed personal authorship of the news in issue by appending his/her name on the story.

The conclusion, therefore, is that the said Triangle News Media was merely created to deliberately disparage the good reputation of His Lordship and cause a distraction from the fundamental issues raised in the letter dated 22nd May, 2019 to the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on the continuous noise and environmental nuisance by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Glory Terbanacle Parish, Ijapo Estate, Akure, and the consequent breach of His Lordship’s right to the quiet possession/ enjoyment of the property, which was purchased as far back as year 1984 to serve as a personal residence, long before the land upon which the church is situate was illegally acquired.

We note that a letter written by Pastor Dele Oyesola, Pastor-in-Charge of the RCCG, Ondo Province I was delivered on 6 June, 2019 at the office of His Lordship’s Solicitors requesting a date, time and venue for a meeting between the Church and the said Solicitors in respect of the acts of nuisance complained of.

Indeed, in the letter written on behalf of the church, no reference was made to any of the allegations contained in the fake news being circulated by Triangle News Media because no such thing as alleged in the said fake news ever occurred

We have, however, decided to issue this rejoinder having realized that the fake news has gained unwarranted traction, considering the number of telephone calls His Lordship has received on the issue.

His Lordship remains resolute in the pursuit of the rights enuring to His Lordship under the Nigerian Constitution. It is not in doubt that in all civilized climes, the worship of God, either by Christians or Muslims should not constitute any form of nuisance to others or lead to any form of environmental degradation, physical and emotional harassment, intimidation or the slander of any person at all. Whilst His Lordship is open to an amicable resolution of the serious misgivings about the location and activities of the Church, the fake news by the phantom and faceless Triangle News Media should be disregarded in its entirety. As earlier stated, the church has now approached the Solicitors for a meeting to settle the issues in controversy amicably.


Julius Olususi

Personal Assistant to His Lordship

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