Sleeping With My Church Members Is Never A Sin, the penalty has already been paid by the blood of Jesus. – Pastor Reveals

Bishop Obinim speaks on an interview on yesterday saying and stating reasons why he sleeps with his members on the altar.

Founder and leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, on Thursday during an interview by Winnaijatv’s reporter Dominic Nwodo claims the act of sleeping with his female members on the altar was never a sin but a direct instruction he got from God.

Most people understand what adultery is, even if we masquerade behind false pretenses.

we all understand how marriages can be affected by the sin of adultery, or worse, even destroyed. Often, we forget to delve into how the body of Christ views the sin of adultery and all the parties involved, would seem in such a sexualized culture, with the spiritual condition of the church being what it is, that goes. The contrary is true, Sin has never been tolerated by God neither should it be tolerated by the church.

But for every sin that has been committed or that will be committed, the penalty has already been paid by the blood of Jesus.

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