So Americans Are Saints?

Watching the public hearings on the impeachment of President Donald Trump on CNN and wondering if the United States of America is located on the same planet with a country called Nigeria.

So an American president can face serious impeachment proceedings just because a whistle blower mentioned that he had overheard him asking the president of another country to investigate the business interests of a potential presidential race opponent in exchange for aid?

Why are Americans like this?

So a president can be criticized and even impeached? Is there no hate speech bill in Us?

Are there no Ghana-must-go bags filled with cash that can be shared to lawmakers to hush them up?

Is there no Dss in America that can be used to arrest and incarcerate anyone who dares think of removing the president from office using whatever means?

Trump, is there no Efcc in America? Why hasn’t Efcc been used to hound all the people who want to impeach you and force them to join your party?

The impeachment hearings are held at capitol hill, and everybody is sitting down comfortably, speaking English and not running for dear life.
This is outrageous! Are there no thugs in America?

Trump, give me $1 million and I will arrange 50 boys from Akwanga for you! We will fly into capitol hill tomorrow and scatter the place, in 2 seconds everything burst! All the people speaking grammar there will be running for their dear lives!

Are there no kidnappers in America? Can’t they kidnap the family members of those at the forefront of the impeachment move and refuse to release them unless they drop the impeachment move?

Trump, don’t you have supporters from your state? Why can’t they organize a protest with a banner that has a huge inscription: “LIVE OUR SON ALONE”

Trump, are you not a Christian? Why can’t the Christians protest and share chained Whatsapp messages declaring that you are being persecuted for your faith and call for holy war?

Trump, you are slacking, you need to come to Nigeria for tutorials. The accusation against you is just verbal, the one labelled against a politician here came with video evidence of him stashing his agbada with stacks of dollars as bribe but he was celebrated and rewarded with another four years term.

What is Quid pro quo sef? What does it even mean? So a president can be impeached because of three Latin words?

Trump, your country, America is a strange place, you people shouldn’t be on the same planet with us! You people should not come near us o before you corrupt us 😱


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