Social Distancing Abuse, During Late Abba Kyari’s Burial

Body of the Late Chief of Staff to the president, Abba Kyari has been buried at the Gudu Cemetery, Abuja with about a hundred persons in attendance without recourse to the social distancing order.

News of Abba Kyari’s death from complications from Coronavirus went viral the country with his burial announced to be today.

As the Coronavirus pandemic rock the whole world with hundred of thousand already dead globally, the social distance of about two to three meters has been advised to help curtail further spread of the virus, with the Federal Government preaching this among other precautionary measures.

It was however, a rude shock to many Nigerians to ee live on the television when the burial was attended by many people not adhering to the social distancing rule.

The world standard for the burial of a Coronavirus victim like not touching the body might not have been taken into consideration during Abba Kyari’s burial.

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